Film Team

Cheryl Bookout is a filmmaker and studio artist residing in Joshua Tree, CA. Bookout produced the award-winning short film GLORIA’S CALL and is currently directing the short documentary film INSIDE THE BEATUY BUBBLE  and  co-producing a short sci-fi film PURE; a feature-length documentary; ACTING LIKE WOMEN and a short narrative film titled JUST A FRIEND. Bookout is preparing to shoot a proof of concept for her sci-fi episodic project, WOMEN OF STEEL.  She is the Executive Director/Co-Founder of The Chimaera Project, a nonprofit organization championing women and non-binary filmmakers.

Writer/Director/Producer Cheri Gaulke is a pioneer in the feminist art movement in Los Angeles. Her work has been presented in film festivals internationally, in museums and a Smithsonian-touring exhibition, and alternative settings including buses, churches, and prehistoric temples. In recent years, her short doc, GLORIA’S CALL (2018), has screened in over 40 festivals and won Best Documentary at the Ann Arbor Film Festival among other awards. In 2021, she completed MISS ALMA THOMAS: A LIFE IN COLOR, a short doc about a little known African-American woman abstract painter, which is already winning awards in film festivals, and she is just completing INSIDE THE BEAUTY BUBBLE, a short doc about a gay hair salon owner and his roadside attraction in Joshua Tree, California. She is currently in pre-production on her first feature documentary – ACTING LIKE WOMEN – about 1970s feminist performance art, an under-represented movement that profoundly shaped art and social movements of today.(Cheri’s Profile photo by Lauren Desberg)

Jeff Hafler is a beautician, yogi, artist, musician and the Founder & Owner of the Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum. “Along a desert highway is a temple to the world of hairdressing, packed with items dating back more than half a century-and they also offer retro cuts and colour.”The Guardian 2016

Nick Lieberman is a director and editor, known for Theater Camp (2020), Ben Platt: Temporary Love (2019) and Ben Platt: Older (2019).

Stacy Sweeting has been working with nonprofits for almost 25 years, making a positive impact by helping reach their organizational and business-related goals. She began her career in the nonprofit sector with the YMCA where for ten years she wore many hats and successfully managed programs, staff, volunteers, special events and budget development and implementation. Her experience focuses on development such as event planning, fundraising, grant writing and more recently, includes social media management. Stacy is currently a Program Director for The Chimaera Project which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering female filmmakers. She is also on the board for the Educational Enrichment Foundation for the Arts. Stacy also has a passion for helping animals which led her to the position of Executive Director for the Orange County SPCA from 2006-2015.  

America Young is the Co-President and Founder of The Chimaera Project. She is currently working in Film, TV and Video Games, as a Director, 2nd unit director, stunt coordinator and stunt woman.  To date, she has over 45 video games under her belt.  Just this year alone, she has stunt coordinated on 3 feature films for Netflix, Lifetime and Cannal Plus.  She has directed 6 entire web series and episodes from three others. She has directed 13 shorts and 2 music videos. America is so excited that all her years of production experience and geek obsession culminated into directing her first feature, a pop-culture comedy called “The Concessionaires Must Die!!”, executive produced by Stan Lee. ( which had it’s SOLD OUT World Premiere, opening weekend at The Palm Springs Film Festival in 2017.  And is now available on Itunes and other VOD platforms. America directed season four of an animated series for Mattel and is attached to direct two features, one a satirical, genre, action comedy called “Smash Girl” about a punk girl band with superpowers and the other, a heart felt, brilliantly subtle drama, “It’s Not Me.’

Robbi Robb brings his impressive musical history and experience to our film. His personal music project 3rd Ear Experience is a genuine space rock band recording musical improvisations in a studio situated in the highlands of Joshua Tree. His legacy includes playing in one of South Africa’s first successful punk outfits, Asylum Kids, before forming Tribe After Tribe in 1984. A year later he emigrated to the USA, still releasing his somewhat psychedelic brand of rock under various names and described as “one of the greatest mystics ever to appear in the history of rock“. He appeared under the name ‘Robbie Robb’ for the track ‘In Time‘ on the soundtrack to the 1980s movie ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.’  Robbi continues to amaze with his new music inspired by his desert surroundings and his desire to give back to community.

Mohawk Sculpture by Jeff Hafler